Tom Smith – Creative Director

What made you want to become a Creative Director? Do you enjoy your role?
From a young age I always knew I wanted to be involved in the creative industries. I distinctly remember my first experience of seeing the Adobe suite and tablet in action during an open day at Sony games. At the time they were working on a game titled ‘Ghost Hunter’, I managed to speak with the various concept artists and see the Adobe suite in full action, needless to say I was hooked! At university I studied Computer animation and was given complete creative freedom to explore various art directions, software and work on a range of projects from concept art, 3d Animation, design and branding. Having worked in the film industry for several years I developed a keen eye for detail and composition. When we decided to set up FX it was a comfortable yet challenging fit for me to become the creative director. Here at FX we get to explore some pretty adventurous briefs, creating some truly unique work that challenges us as designers and pushes us to be the best at what we do. I absolutely love my role here at FX and working alongside some genuinely passionate and talented team members is what makes the role so enjoyable.

Who or What are you inspired by? Does it reflect into your work at all?
I get inspiration from my everyday surroundings from a awesome movie poster I see on the tube to the artwork scattered around Brick Lane. I really like the work of Saul Bass who created some truly memorable movie posters and title sequences for several Alfred Hitchcock films. I think inspiration always reflects into our work in a subtle way, I feel we are pretty lucky to be working with clients within the film industry as it gives us more flexibility to incorporate our inspiration into our work.

Do you have any hobbies?
Keen cyclist and guitarist

In the office when you have control of the music what do you like to put on?
Its a bit of a mix really I love working to house music as it keeps the juices going but occasionally I dip into some Salsa or Spanish music!

You favourite genre and film of all time?
Action/Thriller. That’s a tough one but I guess it would have to be Inception, that film had a big impact on me and peaked my interest in dreams.

We’ve all dreamed about it, what would your super power be if you had one?
Excessive Super Speed

Tell us something no-one knows about you?
When I was in the cubs I had pretty much every badge under the sun, you want a fire or a bird seed cage I’m your man.