Matthew Duhig – Technical Director

What made you want to become a Technical Director? Do you enjoy your role?

I’ve always been keen on tech and was writing basic HTML in primary school, so perhaps it was my destiny to become a technical director! I love being at the cutting edge of web technology and enjoy the challenges that come with being in such a position.

Who or what are you inspired by, does it reflect in your work at all?

We’re lucky to have friends in the industry, and I take inspiration from these. I’m also inspired by seeing what is possible on the web, and this definitely reflects in the tools and techniques I use to work.

Do you have any hobbies?

I have always played football, and am a keen follower of Southend United.

In the office, when  you have control of the music, what do you like to put on?

I’m partial to some drum & bass but generally I like most types of music. Im always scouring Spotify trying to find new sounds.

Your favourite genre of film, and film of all time?

Sci-Fi is definitely my favourite genre, but having said that – Saving Private Ryan is probably my favourite film of all time.

We’ve all dreamed about it, if you had one what would your Superpower be?

Flying. I’d love to be able yo get anywhere I want really fast, and it looks fun. I’d also never need to use the tube again. Although flying after a few drinks might be a little challenging.

Finally, tell us something no-one knows about you.

I think everyone knows everything about me, I am quite an open person. Actually I was once mugged by a monkey in Gibraltar…the little thief stole a Mars Bar straight out of my hand!