Clayton Jones – Web Developer

What made you want to become a Web developer? Do you enjoy your role?

I truly believe in the way the web can change lives and improve the very way we live, work and play. Becoming a web developer allows me to contribute my small part to this fundamental change and knowing that people use and hopefully enjoy something I have created makes the role so rewarding.

Who or what are you inspired by? Does it reflect into your work at all?

For many years now I have been inspired by Apple and its founder the late Steve Jobs. The meticulous thought and planning that goes into each product, service and experience is magical and perfected. Everything seems to work flawlessly and effortlessly for the user and this is what I aspire to produce in my own work.

Do you have any hobbies?

If I ever detach myself from technology I enjoy listening to music and baking. Not necessarily at the same time but they complement each other. I like baking cakes, cookies, muffins and anything else that’s sweet and bad for you.

In the office when you have control of the music what do you like to put on?

When the moment happens that I am asked to become conductor, I like to take the office on a journey through time and genre. Frequented stops on the journey include classic pop, electronic and always some disco.

What is your favourite genre of film, and your greatest film of all time?

Kids and Family/ Animation are my favourite genres of films – basically anything by Disney or Pixar. I love the beauty and craft of the animation entwined with a clever, funny and thought-provoking plot. Plus who doesn’t love a happy ending.

Choosing one film is difficult but Toy Story is definitely near the top.

We’ve all dreamed about it, what would be your superpower if you had one?

The ability to fly. Being able to glide through the air wherever and whenever seeing the many wonders below, as if on a magic carpet ride. Although I would also need the power to make the weather nice too as flying through the rain would be less than fun.

Finally, tell us something no-one knows about you?

For one fraction of a moment I was the youngest person in the world.