Ben Cornhill — Digital Designer

What made you want to become a Digital Designer? Do you enjoy your role?

I’ve always wanted to be in an Artistic environment, the opportunity came up and I took it. I enjoy the role very much, there is always a new challenge everyday.

Who or what are you inspired by, does it reflect into your work at all?

The inspiration I take comes from all around me, I see art in most things, however I have a couple of favourite Artists and Musical Artists. My favorite artists are Jordan Buckley and Kelvin Okafor. I love to imitate and bring their style into my drawings, in terms of Designing I have friends in the industry who are very good at what they do and all their little tips and tricks are really helping me to develop my skills. Regarding musical influence, the specific logos and album covers are great reference points for me.

Do you have any Hobbies?

Drawing is my main hobby, I’m always doodling or thinking of what my next drawing could be, I prefer to draw portraits however Illustrations are becoming more frequent.

Traveling, i’m fortunate to have been to quite a few places already but there are still many I wish to visit.

Although as i’ve gotten older I make less and less time to play sports I’ve always enjoyed watching and playing sports, mainly football and basketball.

In the office, when you have control of the music, what do you like to put on?

Rarely I get control of the music as my go to genre is Metal, however a bit of Drum & Bass never goes a miss in the office, always gets the juices flowing.

What’s your favourite genre of film, and all time favourite film?

Favourite genre would have to be Fantasy/Sci-Fi. I’m a big fan of Marvel/DC, Harry Potter, Hobbit/LotR and Star Wars. and I have many favoured films for different reasons, so this question is too difficult to answer.

We’ve all dreamed about it, if you had one what would your Superpower be?

My superpower would either be Telekenisis (to control objects and people) Invisibility (to avoid people) or the power to disappear and reappear in another place (saving time, money and getting the tube).

Finally, tell us something no-one knows about you.

I love coffee and energy drinks, however my intake of energy drinks got to the point where I cut down and I blacked out while driving so yeah don’t get addicted, but I still enjoy good coffee!