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Tavistock Wood is a talent and literary agency that represents and advises artists of outstanding talent and international reputation.

With an extensive client list of artists such as Dominic West (The Wire), Charles Dance (Game of Thrones) and Eva Green (Casino Royal), Tavistock Wood not only needed a site design that reflected their prestigious clientele and level of service, but that also provided an intuitive way for users to browse through artists and contact the agency.

Tavistock Wood Gallery
The client gallery on the homepage of the new Tavistock Wood website.


Tavistock Wood had an extremely out of date website both in function and design, it didn’t reflect their positioning in the reputable talent agency marketplace, nor did it resonate with their target audience or truly represent the Tavistock Wood brand.

Front end aside, the site administrators were also having a tough time making changes to the site, finding it a time consuming and tedious process; especially when it came to making edits to their client list. This needed to be addressed urgently as Tavistock Woods client list was already very large and growing rapidly!

Tavistock Wood Responsive


Tavistock Wood provided FX with some stunning photography that represented the look and feel for their vision of the site. Following initial planning and scoping the FX design team hit the ground running, taking inspiration from these provided assets by firstly working on the homepage concepts for desktop and responsive. FX maintained regular contact with Tavistock Wood via face to face meetings, ensuring designs were constantly in line with the Tavistock Wood vision for the site. FX would showcase, review and develop upon various concepts and once the initial concepts were agreed upon the full site designs were created.

After initial development discussions, one of Tavistock Wood’s major concerns was that they wanted each client to be represented on the site equally, with no single client being given more screen space than another. To combat this concern FX implemented functionality to randomly load imagery in the site header and on various pages across the site. FX also developed an effective fading selection for all client images within a gallery at the foot of the homepage. Each of these additions helped to ensure that the Tavistock Wood clients are fairly represented across the site.

FX maintained regular contact with Tavistock Wood via face to face meetings, ensuring designs were constantly in line with the Tavistock Wood vision for the site.


In consideration of the tough time administrators were having when using the old system, FX decided to build a custom client archive with an intuitive set of custom fields and taxonomies. Approaching the client section of the site in this way helped to improve the efficiency of adding and maintaining clients for the administrators of the site.
Following the successful launch of the site, FX visited Tavistock Wood and provided training in how to use the site. The training session lasted approximately 1 hour and was a good chance for the whole team to use the site, make content changes and ask any questions. Since launch, FX have continued to work with Tavistock Wood to ensure the site is delivering on initial administration expectations.

Tavistock Wood clients


Tavistock Wood now have a beautiful, intuitive website that effectively presents the exclusive and luxury vibe of the Tavistock Wood brand. Tavistock Wood administrators now have more control over the content on the site, whilst maintaining their client archive has never been easier.

Having built up a good relationship with the Tavistock Wood team and a great understanding of their clients needs, FX feel privileged to be working with such a fantastic company.