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A fresh new website for a delicious smoothie range [sav-say]

Savse Smoothies are a new range of super healthier and delicious smoothies. Using high pressure processing to lock in all the nutrients and get rid of any nasties Savse smoothies retain their natural goodness ensuring every bottle tastes as fresh as one made in the kitchen.
When FX met with Savse things were moving quickly! A new range of products were about to be launched plus Savse’s smoothies were already in top retailers such as ASDA, Ocado and soon to be in Sainsbury’s. The brand was growing rapidly and Savse needed a website that would scale up allowing them to add new product ranges and handle quick content changes.

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A New Product Range

Savse’s new product range was created by the well known food and lifestyle blogger Madeleine Shaw. FX were already working with Madeleine in providing a digital strategy to improve her website and email marketing campaigns which lead to a natural introduction with Savse. FX and Savse hit it off immediately due to the similar values that Savse and FX share.
With a product launch just around the corner Savse relied heavily on FX’s ability to get things right first time. FX had an initial planning and scoping session with the Head of Marketing and Brand Ambassador, this allowed Savse to share their vision for the site and gave FX a chance to piece together a picture of how this would translate onto their new website whilst maintaining an excellent user journey.

A flexible System

FX designed and built a content manageable smoothie section giving Savse the ability to create new product ranges, upload a smoothie to a range, change a smoothies colour theme, upload various ingredient images and incorporate links to multiple retailers from where the smoothie could be purchased from. The biggest value in this lied in future proofing the Savse website. Savse now have the tools and ability to expand the product range, add new ranges, or edit products without worrying about complicated content changes; all of these tasks can be done in a matter of minutes.

Savse are big on content and as a result needed a flexible system that would let them showcase this content. A great example of this can be found on the homepage, on which the main header image can be swapped out for a background video or image, whilst header text colour can be changed and copy repositioned quickly and easily by Savse, giving them more control and creative freedom over their featured content.


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Round up

The whole project went extremely smoothly, largely due to the time invested in planning during the early stages of the project, which was supported by Savse’s excellent response time in providing feedback and content to FX.

Savse wanted to craft an experience that users would enjoy coming back to, that showcased the brand and product range whilst giving Savse an easy time when it came to making edits to the sites content; a big vision that was essential to be delivered within a tight deadline that FX duly delivered on.

Savse are incredibly pleased with the new website and continue to work with FX on site improvements based on analytics reporting.