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An ongoing partnership with a commitment to enhancing the digital presence of Madeleine Shaw

Madeleine Shaw is a holistic nutritional health coach, helping people to live a healthier, happier and more enriched lifestyle.

Madeleine’s philosophy is about keeping things simple, educating people in how healthy food can be delicious, nutritious, affordable and simple to make.

An avid creator of content ranging from recipes to videos, Madeleine needed a platform that presented her amazing material in an interactive and enjoyable manner, all wrapped in a seamless user journey with site pages delivered in load times of under 3 seconds.

Madeleine Shaw Recipes


Madeleine approached FX with an existing site of an outdated design that was not delivering on speed or performance.

The immediate challenge for FX was to solve the issue of site speed and downtime, which was causing a large proportion of site users to bounce or fail to even reach intended pages due to timeout errors.

Madeleine’s IT infrastructure was also in need of some help, and in particular the email service provider being used was cumbersome to use and made it difficult for Madeleine to keep in touch with her passionate user base.

Madeleine also had a desire to improve her organic search performance, understanding the potential of traffic generated by the recipe pages on the site.

Finally, Madeleine wanted to ensure that all the improvements made were presented in a beautiful and effective site design.

A lot for FX to consider, and with a tight deadline of 6 weeks due to Madeleine’s impending book launch for ‘Get the Glow’, FX had no time to waste!


As expressed, Madeleines most immediate concern was the performance of the site, and the downtime currently being experienced by users. Following analysis, FX quickly concluded that the issues were due to the hosting of the existing site, which was a relatively basic shared hosting setup struggling to provide the capacity needed for the 250,000 hits per month the site was receiving at the time. Within a week of the project commencing, FX were able to migrate the site over to a new hosting setup, supported by a Varnish Cache configuration, which has since efficiently provided for traffic of over 800,000 hits in a single month, with pages being delivered consistently in less than 3 seconds.

Alongside the migration of the website onto the new server, FX also setup Google Apps for the domain. This ensured that Madeleine could use the powerful Google suite, including drive and gmail, to communicate with her fast growing user base.

Following the successful implementation of the site and google apps setup. FX began work on improving the design and structure of the Madeleine Shaw site. FX initially run a full analysis of the structure of the site, noting that the SEO page structure was relatively diluted, with heading tags being misused and schema markup not being applied where applicable. Following this it became clear that any proposed design needed to deliver content in a consistent and clean layout, whilst in a unique and beautiful style.

After an in depth discussion with Madeleine and her team regarding the audience of the site, the goals of the site, branding and colour pallets (amongst other things), the FX design team created concepts and delivered these within 2 weeks, refining based upon any feedback from the Madeleine Shaw team. Once signed off by Madeleine and the team, FX had a complete set of designs for the Madeleine Shaw site, all ready to be developed.

The new developments of the site were made and implemented within budget and before the deadline set.


Since the relaunch of the Madeleine Shaw site, which coincided with Madeleine’s launch of the ‘Get the Glow’ book, site traffic has increased by over 200% with load times continuing to be extremely quick. The restructuring of the on site code has also seen Organic Search traffic increase substantially from an average of 45,000 sessions per month, to over 105,000 sessions per month. This increase has no doubt been supplemented by the improved ranking of the recipes and enhanced ‘Rich Snippet’ shown on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), which now shows recipe images alongside a search result for Madeleine’s recipes, helping to encourage click through.

FX continue to work closely with Madeleine, providing advice, design and development services to improve digital performance based upon the analytics available. Most recently FX has helped Madeleine to launch her new range of Smoothies and her on site shop.