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Durex Real Feel

Animation and Visuals


Durex RealFeel are the next generation of condoms made to give you and your partner a skin on skin feeling for a natural sensation. The latest commercial for the product emphasised the RealFeel sensation in a unique and innovative way. FX were asked by the animation production company Golden Wolf, to work with them in creating a unique blend of live action and animation in the latest Durex commercial.

The most striking effect of the video was the reveal of a human surface beneath the illustrations, and it was FX who undertook the rotoscoping of multiple layers over the original footage. This created the solid mask that was  overlaid on top of the footage, allowing FX to animate the individual masks revealing the actors real bodies and the live action footage underneath the drawn animation.

The result was a televised and highly effective advert for the Durex RealFeel product.