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Double Negative (DNeg) is Europe’s largest provider of visual effects for the film and TV industry

With facilities in London, Singapore and Vancouver, Double Negative is a VFX giant with a global audience. An Academy award-winning company, DNeg has worked on ground-breaking, smash-hit titles such as Inception and Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, as well as animation for the Avengers: Age of Ultron feature film.

With a mountain of awesome film work to draw from, DNeg needed the ability to showcase their leading visual effects work in a way that would ooze quality. FX’s challenge was to design and build a new website, creating a stylish and intuitive way for DNeg users to interact with their huge catalogue of content. The website needed to integrate the DNeg VFX, DNegTV, DNeg Feature Animation and DNeg Film departments into a connected user experience, showcasing the stunning, world-leading visual effects work that DNeg are famous for.

Double Negative interstellar


DNeg’s previous website was built on a slow, custom content management system that became sluggish and counter-intuitive as the company grew larger. It simply couldn’t keep up with the increasing amount of added functionality that Double Negative needed to be able to showcase their content effectively. The site was out of date, unresponsive and didn’t reflect the world-leading quality that Double Negative users have come to expect. As a result, bounce rate was extremely high and content on the site was lost in an over-complicated and confusing user experience.

Dneg Film Posters


As DNeg’s content needs were so great, FX decided to utilise WordPress, the World’s leading open-source Content Management System (CMS) to solve their current content publishing problems. FX created a customised backend system that allowed DNeg to manage and upload their content securely, to the various departments within the site. We also incorporated bespoke content tagging, advanced filtering, learning resources, events calendars and a responsive HTML 5 video player, offering their users a truly unique content viewing experience.

Double Negative now has a beautiful, fully-responsive content website that finally showcases their fantastic VFX work in full glory.


Security was also a huge concern for DNeg, due to the nature of their work with sensitive and unreleased content. To ensure the highest of security standards, a staging and live-static publishing system was incorporated. This allowed DNeg to export their dynamic staging website directly to a live static version of the site – hosting it on separate webservers without outside access to any sensitive materials. Not only did this have a massive impact on internal publishing processes, but also gave a huge boost to the websites page speed performance. A win/win!


Double Negative now has a beautiful, fully-responsive content website that finally showcases their fantastic VFX work in full glory. FX were not only able to create a well-designed user experience, but also gave DNeg the ability to publish their huge amount of unique content, securely and with ease. Administrators now have an intuitive publishing platform that will enable them to manage and upload any new pieces of content for the foreseeable future.