Inside Out is a recent release from Disney Pixar and delves into how emotion and memory works within our mind through bold and playful animated characters. The characters of the film emphasise the feelings of a little girl called Riley, and include Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear. Each of these characters control the emotion of Riley with each taking charge when Riley has different feelings.

A character not revealed in any of the trailers or promotional material before the film was released was that of Bing Bong. Bing Bong is a once love but since forgotten imaginary friend of Riley’s; a pink fluffy elephant with mixed features of a cat and dolphin. He represents childhood and the imagination we have when Riley was a child, and it is the role in which this character plays from where the real emotion is depicted in the film.

Through the time we grow up, we have different hopes and dreams based on our experience, memory and feelings and during a particularly touching moment in the film Bing Bong requests Joy to “Take her to the moon”, representing our imaginary friends from childhood fading from our mind. From the film we learn that it’s ok to feel sad and grow up, naturally this is how our mind works, but within each of us will remain a small child bursting at the seams to have fun!