Rarely nowadays, do I find a slapstick comedy that makes me laugh. I find Will Ferrell slightly amusing at the best of times with his immature behavior so to see him play something more serious is refreshing. Teaming up with Mark Wahlberg, this film shows a couple of guys having a home hitting laugh. The two actors oppose each other in every way but insight of this they just gel.

Director, Sean Anders (We’re the Miller’s) has brought together Ferrell and Wahlberg which hasn’t happened since their debut film together in the comedy ‘The Other Guys’. Similarly ‘Daddy’s Home’ has created a similar feeling, blending plenty of obscene riotous events that will leave you chuckling. Brian Burns delivers a fairly average screenplay but Ferrell being Ferrell brings his idiotic performance to save the film. Being unpredictable with his actions Ferrell keeps the audiences coming back for more in all his films. With Wahlberg typically being the less funny of the two, he’s comfortable to let Ferrell take the comedic lead but Wahlberg slides in, showing his own style and bounces of Wills’ antics.

‘Daddy’s Home’ is primarily about fatherhood and the battle between Biological and Non-Biological fathers. Ferrell plays the perfect step-dad, Brad Whitaker. Having longingly wanted to be a Dad but because of an unfortunate accident cannot produce his own, gets a chance when he marries the beautiful Sara (Linda Cardellini) who has two children from her previous relationship with Dusty Mayron (Mark Wahlberg). Dusty is irresponsibly cool, popular and can seemingly do anything! Brads juvenile approach to get his two step-kids to like him brings the laughs from the beginning but is threatened by the previous Alpha-Male.

What follows is the typical Step-Dad Vs. Dad narrative, Brad and Dusty compete and go to great lengths to win the most admiration from the kids. There are some truly funny moments with dry humor delivered from Thomas Haden Church as Leo Holt. Accompanying the team is Griff (Hannibal Buress) who’s timing is impeccable, this man commands the audiences attention whenever he is in scene.

‘Daddy’s Home’ delivers exactly what you’d think it to. Director Anders brings an amusing film which allows Ferrell and Wahlberg to do their thing.