1) Have audience front of mind
Find out what your audiences interests are, what websites do they like, what music do they listen to, which social networks are they on. Find the super fans and key influencers for your target audience, they will help build the audience for you. Having an intricate knowledge of your audience and keeping them front of mind will guide creative decisions throughout the filmmaking process.


2) Use BFI’s reports
The BFI have an incredible library of UK Film statistics broken down into multiple reports providing real insight into the industry. A great example of just one of these is the BFI’s Audiences report, it’s extremely specific and breaks down film preferences by Age, Gender, Social groups, Ethnicity, Disability and Nation/ Region. Using these types of reports can paint a clearer picture of your target audience and aid in the creation of marketing materials.


3) Message Test
Whatever channels you are using, allocating a small amount of your budget to testing creative content will be hugely valuable. Create several versions of your content changing elements such as copy, colour, photography and CTA’s used. Define an audience and split them into smaller groups, send out different variations of the content to each group. This will give a clear indication on which version of your creative content is performing at it’s best.


4) Build up a library of assets early
Whatever your marketing strategy you will need an arsenal of content at your disposal. How are you going to keep your audience on the journey with you until they buy a ticket at the box office. Constantly capture beautiful stills, behind the scenes, interviews, music clips, set design, choosing costumes and do it as early as possible. Reposition these assets to create engaging content to post on multiple channels. Be strategic with your assets know what you have and when to use it. If starting early have a plan and enough content to keep your audience engaged, peaking interests as the film is released.


5) Choose Festivals Wisely
Be strategic over which film festivals to apply for. There’s an increasing growing number of niche festivals containing a unique combination of categories, the British council film database have an extensive listing of film festivals around the globe and is an invaluable tool when researching film festivals.